Notes On A Quote


When we were looking for the right space for the quote 'Pinball Paradise' on our new website, it also caused a little in-house dispute.

For instance, doesn't it sound pompous to put "Pinball Paradise" on the homapage? It is true, however, that it's not us saying that, but the international media outlets. And we're also going to emphasise that, this is a quote from them. It's OK then, but where is it going to be? In the header? Maybe that's a bit too much. What if we simply forget about it? Now that's simply a lame business move. Right. But, are we not generating overexpectations with the word 'Paradise'? Again, it wasn't us saying that, but BBC, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, or Business Insider, for that matter. Also, the expression shows up from time to time in our reviews on Tripadvisor...

Eventually, to avoid looking overly self confident, or shy, we have decided to put this little explanation here. Indeed, these media headlines are for us like Michelin stars for chefs. First feeling is that of joy and honour. Then follows the recognition of inherent responsibility: that all this is also a promise, which we have to keep, again ad again. (We are sure that there is no chef who wouldn't want to take those stars off from his restaurant doors once in a while...)

On the whole, we are of course incredibly grateful for these feedbacks. We feel that these headlines recognise Budapest, too, thus we feel even more responsible to live up to vistors' expectations. We also enjoy the benefits of the expanding tourism industry of the capital - we are growing in the womb of the city, the relationship is inseparable. So we feel obliged to give something back to her. And we, in fact, do. At least this is how we feel when we meet visitors who turn out to have come to Budapest from London, Paris, etc, especially for the sake of the Pinball Museum. Or, when headlines like the above are shown on the list of search results for 'Budapest' in the engines.

And this is when we relax a bit and simply enjoy if someone calls the place 'Pinball Paradise'...